Company : mClinica Health Solutions
Role :
Creative and Business Unit Lead
Project :
SwipeRx App (Pharmacy Professional Community Platform)
Year :
2017 - 2020

Brand & Product Evolution

A brand is not simply a symbol with color palette that identifies presence in a market. It represents much more and stands high to internals that are associated with the brand and not only to external audiences. It is a legacy that every professionals rediscover their purpose and clear directions for unknown future challenges. And in mClinica, I became one of the fortunate professional to witness and grow along while facing challenges to put the brand reputation intact.

mClinica started with multiple products since its establishment in 2015 when it first kicked off in the Philippines. As a startup company, out of all the products, perhaps none has the most impact to mClinica core vision "To empower pharmacies to become the center of care" than SwipeRx App which launched officially in 2017 in 3 countries; Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia. Started as a pilot project that receive unexpected response from the market, mClinica found a 'product market fit' with SwipeRx that follows opening more markets and partnerships in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia the following years.


Getting a 'product market fit' surely puts us in clear positions to act albeit the hardwork that required to put in place. However it was also one critical moment to established and to be one step ahead in the challenging and untouched market at the time. Consistencies in providing our core values to serve the community was key to our brand and product growth.

Brand Identity Guide Book
Goodie Bag
Started as pilot project. Picking the right click is important for further growth.
A complete re-branding based on similar traits from all markets and business opportunities.

Brand is More than Legacy!

A brand identifies their internal members with pride, purpose and motivations to push further their limits to achieve the unthinkable.
Did I think this much when I started this journey? Surely not! And to end that journey with recognition became much more than just legacy. We become one with the brand!